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Looking After Yourself When You're Ill

No matter how healthy we are, no matter how diligent with our health we are there is going to come a time where all of us get sick. It is the truth of being a human being and sometimes we just need to allow our bodies to do their thing and feel a bit ill from time to time. A lot of people though, and particularly successful people, seem to not want to slow down even when they are ill which, as you know, creates even more problems. When you are ill you need to take a time out, you need to allow your body time to recuperate and also… you need to be away from your coworkers in order to make sure you are protecting them too.

So, if you are ill you simply need to take some time off.

Not only will this ensure that you get better quicker but also that your coworkers won’t be missing work because you managed to make them ill too. That being said there is always that moment after an illness when we think we are feeling good enough and that maybe we can ignore the sick feelings and go back …

Getting Dating Advice from your Tantric Masseuse

It might seem strange to think that your tantric masseuse from Minx Massage could give you dating advice, right? Well, it might seem that way if you are just now starting tantric massages or have not had your first one yet. The truth is that once you have had more than one massage with the same masseuse there is going to be an inevitable friendship that begins to form between you and your tantrica. It is not hard to imagine as you two have been intimately linked since the moment you first met. Her hands have travelled all over your body and sometimes even lingered for a while in places you would usually only allow lovers to go near. Her touch has made you sigh, made you laugh, made you smile and, above all, made you feel amazing all over. In essence you and your masseuse have been intimate friends for a while now and she knows you better than you might realize. So, why not? Why not take a moment and ask her what she thinks you might be lacking or what your strong parts are when it co…