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Model escorts, are they real or just made up?

When it comes to hiring an escort we aren't super picky, pretty and eager to please is more than enough inherent qualities to make a good encounter for us. It's a ludicrous sentiment to expect your escorts to be a former model. If she was a model, why would she want to sell her body? However, we do understand there's a fairly large market of high profile connoisseurs out there who only want the best. Fortunately for you, there are some agencies out there who do have model escorts for hire.

If you want to hire a model as an escort, we're not going to lie to you: you have your work cut out for you. This article is going to explain how an individual would go about hiring a model as an escort, and give you some tips on how to avoid the agencies pretending to sell former models as escorts.

A model working as an escort

How do you find model escorts?
Your first step is simple: get on Google and start throwing it some queries pertaining to 'escort models' and other variations on the words. The results returned should reveal a list of escort agencies who either a) hire out models as escorts, or b) pretend their escorts are models.

Now your next step is to find an agency like the link mentioned above, that actually markets real models instead of trying to send you an average escort posing as a model. We can't help you too much at this point, your only way to determine real from fake is some hard work researching.

An escort working as a model

Here are a couple of tips to weed out the agencies trying to scam you and find the agencies actually marketing model escorts:

  • Check your sources. If a profile of a girl on an agency website claims to be a model, find her previous work! 
  • Contact the agency and grill them. If they can't stand up to your questions, you are either an expert interrogator or they are lying.
  • Price check. If a former model is advertising her escort services for £100 an hour, something is fishy.
  • Simply look. By observing the images of an escort online you can probably tell if she is a model. If you think she looks like a model but she actually isn't, then what is the problem? Would that really be a dealbreaker?

How do you hire a model escort?
We don't need to go in particular detail for this one if you've hired an escort before. The process should be exactly the same as hiring a regular escort, except for the exuberant cost attached to it.

Be polite, be genuine, and most of all, don't be a pervert!

An international model escort

How is hiring an escort model different from a normal escort?
After hiring a model escort myself on two occasions, I must say the experience doesn't vary from a normal escort too much, apart from the woman's personality.

Model escorts are used to the finer things in life, and therefore they can sometimes feel a little entitled. However, on the other hand, models work in an industry that is designed almost perfectly to attract a crowd of lewd and crude men. This means they are used to advances by overly zealous men.

Our only advice is try to be genuine. If you sound like every other Joe she's not going to find you particularly appealing.

International photography model

Model escorts are real. You can hire a former model as an escort, and do all the normal escort/companion things together! However, if you want to take a model as a companion for the day, then you'd better be ready to have your work cut out for you, because it's hard work to find a legitimate model who works as an escort.

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