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The district of Kensington

Kensington famous for its well-known sights throughout the borough leaves no shortage of entertainment; from the museums of South Kensington to the royally connected Kensington venues and world famous areas such as Notting Hill there is plenty of scope for the high end gentleman. Independent Elite can provide the perfect companion for the right gentleman and the right venue. Gentlemen, there is so much opportunity to be creative and original when exploring Kensington all of which can be accompanied by an Independent Kensington Escort. A gallery of ladies are awaiting an invite to some of Kensington’s high end venues, the perfect companion for any occasion. 

Whether you’re visiting or an occupier of Kensington’s gorgeous properties there is plenty of option to divulge into Kensington’s entertainment scene. You are never far from a pub or restaurant in Kensington and the sheer quantity of venues certainly does not detract from the quality. 

For example the Britanniaon Allen street is a truly historic pub, this venue is perfect for a rendezvous as its sleek and contemporary makeover invites  a 21st century twist. A pleasant and snug main bar is ideal for a relaxing drink…or two. The conservatory offers more formal dining if you are arranging an evening of fine food, and fine company. The Britannia also invites you to a first-floor bar and a charming alleyway that’s great for evening drinks in the summer. You will be hard pressed to beat an evening here with a Kensington Escort at your side. The selection of ladies offers such a range that any gentleman would be spoilt for choice. So pick your destination, and lady, wisely! 

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