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Ladies Who Lunch

The ladies from Manchester’s most renowned escort agency Exclusive Company Escort Agency( love to lunch. The beautiful and elegant Manchester escorts enjoy nothing more than heading to a sensational restaurant with friends or discerning company and enjoying a mouth-watering lunch and maybe a glass of champagne. Manchester has an overwhelming amount of restaurants that serve wonderful food and drinks in chic surroundings. For a fabulous lunch Michael Caines at Abode, Abode Hotel, 107 Piccadilly, Manchester, M1 2DB, is fabulous. Two Michelin stared Chef Michael Caines, serves the most delectable fine dining dishes in the beautiful Victorian Abode hotel. Their lunch time grazing menu is delightful and a favourite of the Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Escort Agency.

For an Italian trattoria style lunch Avalanche, 2 Booth Street, Manchester, M2 4AT is perfect. The chic cleaned restaurant brings the finest traditional Italian food to Manchester. Executive chef, John Thompson is behind such fabulous restaurants as 39 Steps and San Carlo Cicchetti, and has worked across the world in high end restaurants in Dubai and Bangkok. Having such adept experience dinners know they are in for a treat. Their fish and seafood dishes are the best in the city and the deserts are delicious and decadent. Over in Manchester’s media city is Damson, MediaCityUK, Orange Building, Salford, M50 2EQ. They have been described as serving “unfailingly delicious food” in beautiful contemporary restaurant by the Good Food Guide. There fine food coupled with their fabulous wine and cocktail offerings make damson a delightful place for a leisurely lunch. 

For a tender and flavoursome steak 24 Bar & Grill Manchester, Arora Hotel, 24 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 4LY is wonderful. The Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company Escort Agency love a rare fillet steak with a rich glass of red wine. The interior of 24 Bar & Grill is low lit with rich dark fabrics and dark wood, it’s moody and inviting and their intimate booths are perfect for a private rendezvous. In the summer Dukes Grill, 18-25 Castle Street, Castlefield, Manchester, M3 4LZ, with its outdoor patio looking over the Castlefield basin is a wonderful place to spend a leisurely afternoon. Opened in 1991 its Manchester’s original bar and grill, in the summer months their outdoor barbecue serves a selection of delicious foods including steaks and seafood, paired with a cocktail and a beautiful sunny day, a lunch at Dukes Grill is pure perfection.

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