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A New Agency For Kensington Escorts London

As somebody who frequently books escorts I often notice new escort agencies in London, usually there is nothing particularly special about them and I don't bother with them. However there is a new agency that has opened recently that really caught my eye, its name is London Office girls and they have some of the most extraordinary Kensington escorts from Very High-End I have ever seen in my life! It was not just how beautiful the girls were that drew me to this agency however, the whole look and feel of the website, the content and well yes the women was unlike anything I had ever experienced. So I went ahead and booked and boy was I right about the agency, which is basically what this short blog post is about! I have also attached some images of the young ladies from the website below, so you can really see how stunning these girls are!

The first time I booked, I went for a young lady named Rebecca, a classy brunette with an amazing body and a great personality. I decided to head…

Kings Cross Escorts

Kings Cross in central London is best known for its impressive train station, St Pancreas. The area has a long history and was known as Battle Bridge until a sixty-foot statue of George IV was erected in 1836 next to crossroads, hence the name.

The statue which no longer stands in Kings Cross was not well received and was torn down not long after it had been erected. In 1851 St Pancreas station was built and began on its journey to becoming one of London’s busiest stations, welcoming people from all over the country and Europe day and night.

The hundreds of thousands of people that pass through Kings Cross famous train station every year has resulted in many hotels, cafes and retails shops opening up to entice travellers through their doors.
 If you are in Kings Cross after a long journey on a train, Dior Escorts can sort you out with many Kings Cross escorts, they're the perfect people to help you relax and release any stresses and strains.

You can contact Dior Escorts by either t…